Stay Sharp Summer Challenge Activation
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In the 1st Use UserName field, please enter the Username given to you in a letter or form from your school.

In the 1st Use Password field, please enter the Password given to you in a letter or form from your school.

Using Firefox v52 or higher: Click on right of Activation Boxes to dismiss comment. After activation visit FAQ page in the Communication Menu.

If you lost or didn't receive the above information, please email or call 763-512-0077. Please do not call your school.

You will be allowed to enter the stadium for the eStar Learners eSummer Games on June 14th. We are currently in the process of repairing turf from last year's event and adding plumbing for a major increase in the number of participants and coaches that are involved in the eGames this year. Circle the 14th of June on your calendar so that you don't miss a day of having fun maintaining/ improving your school skills during summer vacation. -Mr. Fairhead, Ms. Forgetmenot and Dudley